Gerri Smith as Dorothy Squires
The Dorothy Squires Story

Take your pick from a variety of options to hear the songs of the late Dorothy Squires, one of the biggest singing stars in Britain during the decades from the 50’s to the 70’s.

The Dorothy Squires Story is a musical play written especially for the Edinburgh Festival and subsequently successfully toured to enthusiastic reviews. It charts the turbulent life of Dorothy Squires and her subsequent decline to near poverty.

About Dorothy Squires

Dorothy Squires began her singing career at the age of 16. She was hired to sing with Billy Reid’s band, and subsequently he began writing songs for her.Their partnership was to take them to the top of the variety bills, earning them a fortune from hits like Gypsy, My Mothers Day, I’m Walking Behind you etc. In the 50’s when she was at the height of her fame and popularity she threw one of her famous parties and met her future husband Roger Moore. He was an unknown actor and she put her own career on hold to help him make it in America. The story of their love affair and subsequent highly publicized divorce (Dot sued him for restitution of her conjugal rights....and won) is a highlight of the play. In 1970 to make her come back into stardom she hired the London Palladium and to the surprise of her critics (and there were many) she filled it. How she came to end her days homeless and poor is featured in the play as well as many of her most famous numbers.

Tribute to Dorothy Squires

Tribute to Dorothy Squires is an hour cabaret featuring a reconstruction of her 1970 concert with songs like TILL, I AM WHAT I AM, AND MY WAY.

How to book

You can book a guest appearance in concert or cabaret, simply ring Gerri on 01633 896111. In 2000 Gerri appeared with Russ Conway as a guest at his 75th birthday celebration in Eastbourne. Russ played for Gerri while she sang "Say It With Flowers", a song Dot wrote and recorded with him.... "Gerri not only sounds like Dot she even looks like her, it’s uncanny." said Russ.