A revue from Gerri Smith

This revue was devised by Gerri as a one woman show.
It features the works of women song writers , comediennes and some work especially written for Gerri.
From the sexy "I had a hard day..last night! (a song made famous by Eartha Kitt) through to the comic number "Why Can’t a Man be more Like a Woman", an hilarious spoof of the famous song from My Fair Lady" and the suggestive number "Life Begins at 40" by Sophie Tucker.

The Revue includes a section on the pain of love from a woman’s point of view, with songs like "Loosing My Mind" and "Send in the Clowns" by Stephen Sondheim, to the wonderful music of Cole Porter’s "Every Time We Say Goodbye". This is a show to suit every body who wants to know a little bit more about women....or themselves. Saucy Songs from the queen of sex, Mae West, comic monologues like My Friend Ethel by Joyce Grenfell as well as her poigniant " My Three Brothers".


"It may have been cold and bleak outside but inside Gerri Smith gave a warm and sparkling performance, enjoyed by us all"
S. WALES ARGUS "Ms Smith was a joy to see and hear ..... an absolute delight from start to finish"